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Learn more about VBrochure
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What is VBrochure?

The VBrochure Online Merchandising System helps hoteliers at individual properties and management companies better merchandise their hotel properties wherever travel shoppers are researching hotels online.

The system includes:

Distribution to the VNetwork™
The VNetwork is the largest, most universally accepted and online visual content distribution network for the global travel industry.

Multimedia Viewer
The Multimedia Viewer is distributed to the VNetwork and can contain photos, virtual tours, videos, interactive maps, custom third-party objects and related text content that showcase the hotel.

Access to VScape®
VScape is the user-friendly, web-based digital asset management system used to manage photos and the content in the Multimedia Viewer.

Why VFM Leonardo?

Marriott International has named VFM Leonardo preferred distributor of rich media for individual Marriott properties. Hotel members that wish to improve the visual merchandising of their hotels online are encouraged to distribute virtual tours and video with VFM Leonardo. VFM Leonardo’s VNetwork is the largest and most universally accepted network of travel sites – including all GDSs, Pegasus and thousands of web sites like Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, etc. – in the industry and will provide the maximum exposure of your hotel’s media.

Is Marriott distributing media for my property?

Marriott International will deliver your hotel’s photos to Marriott branded sites and all the channels in the VNetwork. If you have 360 panorama virtual tours (or any rich visual content – video etc.) , they will be hosted by us on Marriott branded sites within the multi-media viewer that is part of the VBrochure product line starting in mid-Summer 2010 but are not being distributed to the VNetwork, which means, there are a lot of travel shoppers on online travel agencies that are not seeing them. Studies prove that travel shoppers use more than just to research hotels online. That’s why we highly encourage you to also get your virtual tours on to these sites as well.

Marriott is already distributing images for my property. Why do I need VBrochure?

VBrochure offers you the opportunity to further enhance your online presence by better merchandising your property. It enables you to have the photos distributed by Marriott corporate displayed with supplementary photos as well as rich media (virtual tours, videos and/or Flash presentations) and descriptive text in a highly-compatible Multimedia Viewer on VNetwork channels and your own websites - providing a more engaging experience for travel shoppers and driving more bookings.

Does VBrochure include production?

VBrochure does not include production. Customers who require rich media production often take advantage of our GeoBeats Video Packages or the production products offered by Vizual Studios (a wholly-owned subsidiary of VFM Leonardo). Media produced by third-party Marriott approved vendors can also be distributed. There is no other product of its kind in the industry that matches the breadth of websites and electronic channels and the viewing technology/experience found with VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure.

What do other Marriott properties say?

"We chose VFM Leonardo because they're experts in communicating with consumers using rich media and more importantly, they have a distribution network that connects our hotel video with our target consumers."
Bibi Hackshaw, Director of Sales Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor

Can I distribute content I own through VFM Leonardo?

Yes. Media produced by third-party Marriott approved vendors can be distributed to the VNetwork with the purchase of VBrochure and required media units. VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure is the only online merchandising system of its kind that distributes multiple types of media in a highly-compatible Multimedia Viewer for display on the largest number of travel channels and websites.