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Learn more about VBrochure
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Why Merchndise Online

All hotels operate in a competitive environment. Smart hoteliers take advantage of that! The truth is that travel shoppers compare hotels online. You need to know what you’re up against!
Knowing what content your competitors have available to travel shoppers online will reveal ways to improve your position in the marketplace and increase sales.
Get StartedUse this easy Merchandising Health Index Tool to find, map and compare your hotel to others in your area.







We believe, and research validates, that travel shoppers who view hotel rich media are more likely to book than those who don’t. As such, we are confident that Marriott properties that adopt VFM Leonardo’s online merchandising system will see positive conversion results. Larraine Voll Morris
VP Global e-Channels Marriott International
We chose VFM Leonardo because they're experts in communicating with consumers using rich media and more importantly, they have a distribution network that connects our hotel video with our target consumers. Bibi Hackshaw,
Director of Sales,
Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor