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Learn more about VBrochure
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Online Merchandising System for Hotels


The way we shop for hotels has changed. Today, choosing a hotel involves online research on many different sites and devices and the demand for informative, engaging content has increased.

We can help you meet these demands with a system that displays your hotel’s story in a visually compelling manner to millions of online travel shoppers monthly on thousands of different websites they use to shop, compare, buy and share travel experiences.

VBrochure™ includes an industry-leading multi-media player that is used by thousands of travel websites to display hotel media to consumers.

  • Make your listings on online travel agency, media and review sites more engaging
  • Target your guest segments with multiple customizable media players (for example, show business travelers and leisure travelers what they want to see)
  • Engage your Facebook fans (and get them to book) with a suite of Apps designed for your corporate Facebook page
  • Give consumers a seamless viewing experience on their desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets
  • Update your players and syndication points at any time with the user-friendly, web-based media and distribution manager
  • Track and report on where travel shoppers are engaging with you most

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We chose VFM Leonardo because they're experts in communicating with consumers using rich media and more importantly, they have a distribution network that connects our hotel video with our target consumers. - Bibi Hackshaw,
Director of Sales,
Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor