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How Can Hotel Marketers Keep Up With New Trends

By 2015 more people will access internet on mobile smart devices than computers. Think about what’s going on, you have mobility, you have internet access, you have a camera and a video, you have a compass, you have a GPS. So if your hotel marketing organization hasn’t said, “how can we exploit the intersection of user generated content, knowing where you are with visualization” then you are just not being good marketers because you are skipping the obvious trends that’s why you need to keep track of trends.

Guest: Phillip Wolf


Merchandising Online – What and How?

Join John as he speaks with David Attardi, Director of E-Commerce for B.F. Saul Company’s Hotel Division. In this episode, you will learn about merchandising online in the context of hotels and what online merchandising and e-commerce strategies David employed to maximize revenue for B.F. Saul’s hotels.

Guest: David Attardi


Welcome to the Experience Economy

A hotel stay is inherently experiential from start to finish and, in many cases, the experience begins online. Dr. Diana Driscoll, LEED AP, founder of Hotel Rescue™, president of Ridgeline Hospitality and award-winning optometrist, offers insights on how to provide an online experience that is so engaging that travel shoppers can’t help but pay attention.

Guest: Diana Driscoll


How to Tell Compelling Stories that Attract and Convert Travel Shoppers

A hotel story tells consumers why they should choose that hotel. Daniel Edward Craig, hotel consultant and author, explains how to use the fundamentals of storytelling to create compelling content that makes travel shoppers want to become part of your hotel’s story.

Guest: Daniel Edward Craig




Welcome to the Experience Economy

Chris Anderson, Assistant Professor at Cornell University shares the results of a research study “The Billboard Effect” conducted in partnership with JHM Hotels and Expedia. In the study, four properties were cycled on and off Expedia over a period of three months.

Guest: Chris Anderson, Cornell University


Content: How to Optimize Conversions Online

In this three episode series with Jean Francois Mourier, Founder and CEO of RevPAR Guru, you will learn about three important factors that can help you optimize conversions online: page positing on OTAs, content and reviews. This second episode explores how hoteliers can optimize their conversions online using content and reveals that:

  • Some travel shoppers avoid hotels without visual and written content
  • Professional photos make a dramatic difference for conversions
  • A hotel’s visual presence on OTAs and own channels needs to be consistent

Guest: Jean Francois Mourier



On Demand Webinar: How to Better Merchandise Your Hotel Online

An easy way to understand online hotel merchandising is by thinking of travel websites and social media sites as mega-stores with thousands of hotel listings sitting on the shelves. Naturally, the hotels with the most compelling displays get picked off the shelf, or booked, more often than the rest.  Find out five creative, but simple, ways to enhance your online presentation and stand out from the glut of sameness online.

Five tips on how to merchandise your hotel online!




Selling the hotel experience to the video generation

Michigan State Professor of Hospitality Business, Bonnie Knutson, talks about the explosion of online video and how the one-to-many model of mass media has been replaced by the many-to-many model.

Dr. Knutson is joined by New Castle Hotels & Resorts Director of Media & Advertising, Bonny Pope, who will provide her insights and real world examples on the benefits of video. James Hackett, the general manager of Portland, Maine's Hilton Garden Inn, will show you how his hotel is using New Castle ideas to bring travelers to his property and boost bookings.


Using Video to Engage and Interact with Online Travel Shoppers

Three travel industry experts on share their perspectives on using online video as a powerful, emotive and persuasive media to reach travel shoppers, and offer tips and advice on how to use it to your advantage.


Measuring the Success of Your Online Video

There are countless stats that prove online video is a powerful conversion tool. But how do you go about measuring it?


Watch the clip for tips on measuring video, including:

  • What Return on Engagement (ROE) is
  • How to measure ROE
  • What video views and social media interactions mean for your success


Get More Bookings

Want proven ways to increase your bookings? The key is to better merchandise your hotel online. This short video will show you how distributing engaging rich visual content (especially video) to all of the websites travel shoppers use to research, compare and book hotels online can increase your bookings, online and offline.