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Learn more about VBrochure
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Why Merchndise Online

Better Merchandised Hotels Get More Bookings


Make your hotel stand out, engage shoppers and increase your bookings with a compelling video story about your hotel. We call this "merchandising your hotel."


Merchandising is an effective way to increase your bookings. Hotels that stand out from the clutter online are those that use rich media tell travel shoppers their unique story.


Rich media is highly influential on booking decisions.

    • Online shoppers viewing virtual tours are 36% more likely to book,
    • Online shoppers viewing videos are 112% more likely to book,
    • Online shoppers viewing virtual tours and videos are 147% more likely to book.


There is no sense having virtual tours and video if they’re not being viewed by potential guests. The VBrochure Online Merchandising System is a complete system with the tools you need to share your rich media with in-market travel shoppers and motivate them to book.


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We believe that VFM Leonardo’s technology, extensive network and online merchandising expertise will help us strengthen Marriott’s visual presence online. We strongly encourage Marriott properties to adopt online merchandising – a proven method to drive increased booking conversions. Larraine Voll Morris
Vice President Global Distribution Systems and eChannels
Marriott International
We chose VFM Leonardo because they're experts in communicating with consumers using rich media and more importantly, they have a distribution network that connects our hotel video with our target consumers. Bibi Hackshaw,
Director of Sales,
Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor